At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Pro Bono Ontario immediately shifted to a fully remote operation. As we anticipated, we are experiencing skyrocketing demand for remote legal advice. Many of our clients have legal issues that arise directly from COVID-19. To respond effectively, we have committed ourselves to prioritizing and growing our Free Legal Advice Hotline. One consequence of this is that we are not able to resume our Appeals Assistance Project at this time. However, in order to assist low-income self-represented litigants with matters in Ontario’s appeal courts, we are piloting a Hotline-based appeal services.

We invite low-income, self-represented appellants and respondents to call our Hotline (1-855-255-7256) and follow the prompts to receive basic advice on an appeal (at the main menu press 5, then 2). Please keep in mind that this service is for civil appeals only (no family law or criminal law), and we are not able to provide ongoing assistance with appeals or help drafting materials such as factums or motions pending appeal.  

We appreciate the public’s understanding as we respond to our new reality in the most effective way possible.