The Charity Start-Up Toolbox is an online, self-help service designed for non-profits and charities that are seeking nonprofit incorporation, charitable status registration, or both.

The Toolbox provides information and resources to help an organization complete the necessary application documents required for incorporation or charity registration. Once an organization has conducted thorough tax status research and prepared the required paperwork, it may apply to us for a document review session with a pro bono lawyer.

The Charity Start-Up Toolbox was developed in response to the overwhelming demand for pro bono legal assistance on incorporations and charitable status registrations. Over the past few years, PBLO has struggled to meet that demand, so this Toolbox enables organizations to undertake the majority of the work involved on its own. After these preparations, it will be easier and less expensive to have a lawyer review the documentation just prior to filing.

At the heart of the Toolbox is an online interview that will take you step-by-step through the application process to gather the information needed specific to your organization’s application type. At the end of the online interview, all of the application forms will be automatically completed and ready to save and print.

In order to successfully complete this process, your organization must have a single, dedicated individual that can go through the entire Toolbox program from start to finish. This person should ideally be either the Executive Director or a board member.

When you are ready to begin, follow the steps below. Remember to carefully read all instructions. Errors or items missed in the applications may result in a rejected application by the government agency involved.

Click Here to complete the Online Charity Start-up Toolbox Interview. This interview takes approximately one hour to complete. This tool can only be used for Provincial Incorporations.

FEDERAL FORMS:  Complete the Online Forms for Federal Incorporations:

If you are registering a Federal Incorporation, complete the following forms:
Canada Not-For-Profit – Articles of Incorporation (FRM-4001-e)

This form also must be completed and filed with the articles of incorporation:

Initial Registered Office and First Board of Directors (Form 002-e)

It is recommended that you have your documents reviewed by a lawyer or tax accountant that specializes in incorporations and charities. Because you have now completed a large portion of the work involved, this meeting should not be an expensive one. You may also seek help from a pro bono lawyer with us by filling out our online application.