Will it cost me anything to see a lawyer?
Our lawyers work for free, however, you may need to pay any charges such as photocopying or filing fees, known as disbursements.

Who is eligible for assistance from the Education Law Program?
The program assists students and their families who would otherwise be unable to afford a lawyer. Each family is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Your case must have legal merit and you must be financially eligible.

What can a lawyer do for my child?
It varies by case. At the first meeting, your lawyer will discuss with you the extent of their involvement in your case.

I do not need legal representation, but want to discuss my child’s legal rights. Can a lawyer just give me advice?
Yes. All our lawyers start by discussing your concerns and giving you advice. In many cases, this is all that is needed.

We live outside of Toronto. Can you still help my child?
The Education Law Program is a province-wide program. We will try to find a lawyer in your community. However, if there is no lawyer in your community, we will look for a lawyer elsewhere who is willing to provide remote assistance.

Why lawyers?
It’s not always obvious, but many school problems are legal problems. Lawyers are effective because:

  • They are trained in education law and legal strategy.
  • They have no personal relationship with the student/family and can be an impartial advocate.
  • School boards have lawyers representing them, so when a student has a lawyer, it levels the playing field.
  • A lawyer’s involvement commands attention; problems are often solved more readily once the lawyer gets involved.
  • A lawyer can help parents or guardians learn to be effective advocates for their kids.

If you still have questions before applying, you can speak to the Coordinator of this program by calling 1-855-255-7256 on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons (1 PM to 3:30 PM).

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