2016 Canadian Pro Bono Awards

Criteria and Nominations

Pro Bono Canada, Pro Bono Ontario, Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan, Pro Bono Québec, Access
Pro Bono BC, and Pro Bono Law Alberta seek nominations for awards honouring individuals,
groups, or organizations from anywhere in Canada for their outstanding pro bono
contributions in the following three categories:

  1. A law firm committed to pro bono
  2. An individual actively involved in pro bono
  3. A pro bono program serving the community

Awards will be presented at the Banquet and Awards Ceremony on September 29th, 2016 as
part of the 6th National Pro Bono Conference, in Ottawa, Ontario.

We invite you to review the criteria below. If you know a deserving nominee, please take
the opportunity to submit a nomination and help to recognize the contribution of lawyers
and organizations to improving access to justice in Canada.

Canadian National Pro Bono Law Firm Award

This award recognizes a Canadian law firm that has made an outstanding contribution to the
provision of pro bono legal services. The awards committee will consider law firms that have
made significant strides toward the establishment of policies and programs that encourage
lawyers to volunteer to represent low-income individuals. The committee is particularly
interested in firms that have demonstrated dedication to the development and delivery of
legal services to low income recipients through a pro bono program or have contributed
significant work toward developing innovative approaches to delivering volunteer legal

Canadian National Pro Bono Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes an individual lawyer who has made an outstanding contribution to the
provision of pro bono legal services to Canadians. Nominees may be individual lawyers who
do not obtain their primary income delivering legal services to low-income clients. The
awards committee will evaluate nominations on the basis of an individual’s demonstrated
commitment to pro bono work on behalf of individual clients, communities, or charitable

Canadian National Pro Bono Program Award

This award recognizes a specific Canadian pro bono program that increases access to legal
services for poor persons. The awards committee will consider a pro bono program that has
achieved excellence in one or more of the categories:

  • Addressing a gap in existing services or the unmet legal needs of a community
  • Using innovative strategies to increase access to justice
  • Enhancing private bar participation in pro bono activities
  • Promoting collaboration between legal and community services providers

Nominations Process

In order to submit a nomination, please provide a copy of:

  1. Completed Nomination Form
  2. Narrative explaining why the individual or group is being nominated and why they
    deserve to win the award. This section should be limited to five pages and provide
    background information about the individual/group, the pro bono activities
    undertaken and the impact of these activities.
  3. Letters of support

Nominations may be submitted by e-mail at: [email protected]

The deadline to submit nominations is August 26th, 2016

Selection Process

All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee, which is constituted by
representatives of Pro Bono Québec, Access Pro Bono BC, Pro Bono Law Alberta, Pro Bono
Ontario and Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan.

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