Everyone deserves access to justice.
Everyone has a role to play.

For 20 years, Pro Bono Ontario has been addressing Ontario’s access-to-justice crisis with real-time help for people who need it and can’t get it anywhere else. We have learned a lot about the dynamics of pro bono and access to justice, but one thing looms largest: Everyone has a role to play. If all players in the justice system can adopt that fundamental mentality, Ontario has what it takes to achieve 100% access to justice. This would be an extraordinary accomplishment. It is in our grasp.

The private bar has a vital role to play, and PBO is uniquely positioned to help. We can’t wait to get started.

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Law Firms and Legal Departments:

Join the 100 Percent A2J Leadership Circle

100 % A2J Leadership Circle

Doing our part to ensure 100% access

How it Works

Firms and legal departments demonstrate their commitment to pro bono by joining the 100% Access to Justice Leadership Circle. Members of the Leadership Circle commit to annual financial support and aspirational targets for volunteer engagement based on the capacity of their organizations.

Members of the leadership circle:

  • lead by example
  • affirm the private bar’s role in promoting access to justice
  • contribute to the growth of a robust pro bono culture within the profession.

Thank you to our current Gold Tier Members:

Silver Tier Members:

Bronze Tier Members:

Want to learn more about the 100 Percent Access to Justice Leadership Circle and how your firm or law group can participate? Contact Kirsti Mathers McHenry, Executive Director, at 416-944-4448 ext. 914 or kirsti@probonoontario.org.

Individual Lawyers:

Volunteer for a Hotline Shift

Volunteering at the Hotline

PBO’s Free Legal Advice Hotline, staffed by volunteer lawyers, provides summary legal advice and drafting services to low-income Ontarians with civil legal issues.

Volunteers simply log on for a scheduled full- or half-day shift and answer calls from their own homes or offices through PBO’s online platform. Calls last up to 30 minutes and there is no follow up work. Volunteers help callers understand the nature of their legal problems, interpret documents, respond to letters, improve draft documents, and make informed decisions or take next steps on their own.

Volunteers choose which areas of law to assist with. The Hotline covers civil procedure, small claims, employment, housing, consumer debt & protection, powers of attorney and corporate law for charities, non-profits and small businesses.

Hotline Training & Support Includes:

  • Orientation and technology guides provided in advance of shifts
  • Extensive FAQs and knowledge resources written for lawyers by lawyers
  • Real-time staff and volunteer interaction via chat for help with substantive and procedural questions
  • Real-time IT support

Team Up with a Client to Sponsor a Hotline Shift

  • Pick a day to staff the Hotline entirely with lawyers from your firm and your client’s legal department
  • Get recognition through PBO’s social media channels and coordination with marketing departments
  • Full and ½ day shifts available

All #100percentA2J Supporters:

Donate to PBO

Donate to PBO

PBO is grateful for any donation, no matter how small. The best way to support us is by joining our monthly giving program. Regular monthly donations can help us do so much more by having stable funding, and your money works for justice all year.

All donations to PBO are fully charitable.